Credit: Photo via Ian Somerhalder's Twitter Photo: Ian Somerhalder Brings Home Stray Kittens

If you’ve been worrying about the Salvatore kittens that Ian Somerhalder (Damon) has been protecting, you can rest easy. The smoldering actor just brought the little furballs home now that they’re old enough to be away from their mother.

“Got em-kittens born in Salvatore front yard- in basket on way to Chez Somerhalder... Whoa man.Ridiculously adorable,” he tweeted.       

Also ridiculously adorable? How much Ian and co-star Paul Wesley (Stefan) have been doting on them. Paul was photographed craddling one of them in his arms. Aww!

Credit: Photo via Paul Wesley Fans on Twitter Photo: Paul Wesley Holds a Salvatore Kitten

Ian’s plan is to help the little kitties find homes. If only we lived closer!

Source: Twitter

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