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Over Memorial Day Weekend, several members of The Vampire Diaries cast headed to France for the Welcome to Mystic Falls 2 convention. One of the highlights for the French fans was the Q&A session with Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). Not only did he lead the crowd in a short sing-along (“If You’re Sexy and You Know It Clap Your Hands”), he looked forward to Season 4 and discussed his hopes for Damon.

First, Ian looked back at a time when he wasn’t so happy with the elder Salvatore. “Season 2, I was very disenchanted with where Damon was, as a character. Because I’m used to being this suave, funny, Dylan dude, who bites everybody and screws all the women and drinks lots of booze and has fun… and then Damon sort of had a conscious and a heart and all this s**t I never thought that he would have and didn’t care for him to have,” Ian told fans. Of course, he had to get over wanting Damon to always be the bad guy. Ian says executive producer Kevin Williamson explained that life changes and people evolve, so Damon must as well.

But Ian is looking forward to the new season “now that [Damon’s] no longer pining for Katherine [whimpers] and Elena [whimpers].” Ian’s philosophy? “F**k that! Let’s have fun!” he said to the cheering crowd.

As long as he doesn’t totally lose his sweet side, fans will probably appreciate a little more Bad Boy Damon in Season 4.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder Sings "If You're Sexy and You Know It" at the Welcome to Mystic Falls Con 2 (VIDEO)


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