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It was a busy weekend for Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore). The Vampire Diaries star headed to South by Southwest to speak on a panel for RYOT, along with Sophia Bush and Bryn Mooser. 

Hauling ass to Austin for South By Southwest aka SxSW-stoked to meet up w/@brynmooser @SophiaBush & amazing people on our @RYOTnews panel,” he tweeted.

RYOT is a site that connects readers with organizations that are working on problems directly related to news articles. According to its “About” page, “some stories will have different ways for you to participate, such as signing petitions, reaching out to someone who can make a difference or registering to vote.” If you missed the panel, you can watch the video here.

Later, Ian chatted with fans by posting video responses to their Twitter questions. While some people tweeted questions about Ian’s organization, the Ian Somerhalder Foundation, many people had questions about TVD. Amongst the queries he answered were what was the most difficult scene to film, where he’d love Damon to live, and how long it takes to film an episode.

If you want answers to those questions and more, check out the videos below with Ian’s responses.

Source: Twitter

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