The Vampire Diaries has been filming its spin-off, The Originals, for the past couple weeks, meaning Ian Somerhalder (Damon Salvatore) got a vacation. But that doesn’t mean he wasn’t working!

The actor was running all over New York City, giving interviews and talking about everything for the Ian Somerhalder Foundation to Damon/Elena (Nina Dobrev) sex scenes to Damon’s relationship with Katherine (Nina Dobrev). Check out all the videos below — including one where he sings some Beatles!


Ian spoke went on Popcorn With Peter Travers to discuss kissing a girl when he was 10 years old and sings “All You Need Is Love.”


Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder Talks About Kissing a Girl When He Was 10

Ian spoke with Peter Travers on Katherine, Damon being in love with his own sister, and why he needs a synonym for “cure.”

Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder on Whether Damon Would Be in Love With His Sister

Will there be more Damon/Elena sex scenes? Ian Somerhalder tells Pop Sugar...

Credit: Pop Sugar Photo: Ian Somerhalder on Whether There are More Damon/Elena Sex Scenes

Ian talks about The Vampire Diaries books at Eyecon.

Credit: YouTube Photo: Has Ian Somerhalder Ever Read The Vampire Diaries Books?

Ian Somerhalder explains the taste of fake blood at Eyecon. 


Credit: YouTube Photo: Ian Somerhalder on What Fake Blood Tastes Like at Eyecon 3/17/2013