The Vampire Diaries fans know that Ian Somerhalder is so much more than just an actor! He is a man of many interests, including his charitable foundation, his family’s pizza place, and his co-star girlfriend Nina Dobrev. Ian is constantly trying to raise awareness for the political and environmental issues dear to his heart, and a recent Instagram pic suggests he may be starting a new line of work!  

The picture itself is just of Ian’s dinner, but the caption is much more revealing: “Damon catching a bite of Pho alone on a rooftop in between scenes.Styrofoam is NO good. I'm going to create a company that makes biodegradable/insulating take out food containers.For those of you who want them, they're coming!”

Ian Somerhalder Brand Biodegradable Take Out Containers! Has a certain ring to it, no? Whether or not these items ever reach a restaurant near you, it’s nice to know that Ian’s heart is always in the right place — as long as he keeps his day job!  

Source: Instagram