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Even a mini-hiatus is painful when The Vampire Diaries decides to go all game changer on us. In Season 3, Episode 18, “The Murder of One,” we learned at least one very good reason why Klaus (Joseph Morgan) needs to stick around (we’re talking about Tyler, of course) and possibly three or four more (depending on whether or not you like Katherine, which we do).

Unfortunately, we won’t get our questions answered until next week, when TVD returns with a new episode on April 19. It’s going to be a good one, though, with a couple of familiar faces turning up. Tonight’s rerun of Season 3, Episode 15, “All My Children” may remind you that Esther (Alice Evans) has some pretty powerful spells up her sleeve — which we think will have repercussions for the Season 3 finale.

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Credit: YouTube Photo: Vampire Diaries Extended Preview Video for Season 3, Episode 19, "Heart of Darkness": Who's Rooting for Damon and Elena?