Don’t get us wrong — we love Nina Dobrev’s (Elena Gilbert) picture quotes of the day. The Vampire Diaries star is always tweeting inspirational words of wisdom on pretty backgrounds, but she truly outdid herself over the weekend.

Credit: Twitter Photo: Nina Dobrev Tweets an Amazing Photo of a Man With a Cat on His Head

She was in Barcelona on May 5 for the Bloody Night Convention 2, but she headed back to New York right after. While in the city, she came across a gentleman and his cat. Not only did the feline friend have a leash, but he was perched atop his owner’s head!

“Hahahahaha ONLY in New York... That's it... My kitties are starting training TOMORROW!” Nina wrote when she sent out the photo. OINY, indeed Nina. Let’s hope she shares a pic when her own pets have perfected the trick.

Source: Twitter