Phoebe Tonkin has played a Washingtonian in The Secret Circle and now a werewolf from the Appalachians in The Vampire Diaries. But in reality, this brunette beauty calls a different county home.

Born in 1989 in Sydney, New South Wales, Phoebe Tonkin is a tried-and-true Australian. She got her start in television starring in the three-season run of H20: Just Add Water, before moving on to 7 episodes of the long-running Australian soap Home and Away. The Secret Circle was Phoebe's first project this side of the Pacific.

But Phoebe’s not the only Aussie to land a spot on TVD. Not only does Claire Holt (Rebekah) call Queensland, Australia home, but she and Phoebs have been friends since 2006 when they co-starred on H20!

What’s that they say about it being a small world after all?

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