We love Vampire DiariesZach Roerig (Matt Donovan). Look at him in glasses. He’s so cute; it’s almost... inhuman. 

So when we were asked by a fan whether or not Zach Roerig is human, we kind of understood. First of all, his character on TVD is one of the few remaining non-supernaturals. And he likes it that way!

Offscreen, Zach is about as human as they come, too. He was born and raised in Ohio, where he would spend his free time playing football and bailing hay for horses on the farm his grandfather owned. According to his Twitter, Zach is a “barn enthusiast.”

There you have it. Hay, barns, and horses. If Zach isn’t human, then the aliens have their impersonations down pat.

Source: Toledo Blade, Twitter

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