Okay guys, it’s official: The Vampire Diaries has the sexiest cast on TV. Hands (and stakes) down.

Not only do Wetpainters think the smoldering TVD cast is the hottest, Victoria’s Secret has just revealed their sixth annual “What Is Sexy? List. The Summer Bombshell Edition” and The Vampire Diaries topped the list as — you guessed it — the sexiest TV cast of 2011. Um, duhz!

And we must say, it’s not just the characters themselves who are smokin’. (Though they are. Example A: Ian Somerhalder. Mmmm.) But there’s also sexuality dripping from, like, every scene — whether Stefan’s pinning Katherine up against the cave wall in a lusty dream or Damon’s rockin’ skin tight leather pants to the ‘60s dance. Or, you know, Klaus when he’s sporting that sexy deep red button-up (slightly unbuttoned, we might add)... right before he plans to kill like, half the cast. Too soon?

Source: Vs All Access