Credit: All Access Photo/Splash News Photo: Nina Dobrev at the 10th Annual Stuart House Benefit

Nina Dobrev probably isn't used to much rejection in her life, but on Sunday she was forced to deal with some at the hands of Hollywood legend, Jack Nicholson.

While attending a Lakers game with Julianne Hough, Nina, 24, approached Jack, 75, for a picture but he denied the request, which should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the intensity of Jack's passion for the purple and gold.

Nina responded by tweeting out, "Just asked jack Nicholson to take a picture WITH ME.. He said no. #rejected." She also linked to an image of the legend and commented, "Haha so I took a pic of him solo #paparazzi LOL". 

Rejection is no doubt hard, but something tells us that there's a long line of other celebs who wouldn't think twice about snapping a picture with Nina.