Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Damon Collapses in Elena's Arms in Season 2, Episode 22: "As I Lay Dying"

Brace yourselves, Stelena ‘shippers: The Vampire Diaries’ executive producer Kevin Williamson talked to The Hollywood Reporter all about his wishes for the star-crossed couple in Season 3, and the man is clearly on Team Damon.

"The one thing I do want to see filmed and I'll say it because it hasn't happened yet and it may never happen," Williamson said, "but I do want to see — and I will go on the record to every Stelena fan in the world — I do want to see Damon and Elena get it on." Ooh la la!

As for executive producer Julie Plec? “No comment and no timeline,” she said. Aww, come on! At least we’ve got one producer on our side, right?

While Plec may be staying mum, we’re still crossing our fingers (and our toes) for a steamy scene between the IRL lovers.

As for what’s actually on the agenda for Season 3, Plec assures us we’ll discover Stefan and Klaus ‘ whereabouts — and exactly what they’ve been up to. (We’re guessing it involves a lot of corpses.) In fact, they’re shooting a Klaus/Stefan-centric scene as we speak in a “very, very, very rural farmhouse,” Plec says.

Despite the farm locale, we doubt Stefan is sticking to animal blood...

Source: The Hollywood Reporter