Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images Photo: Emily VanCamp and Joseph Morgan Pose at the Planned Parenthood Federation Of America 2010 Annual Awards Gala

Could it be? Is the search for the infamous Klaus — the biggest, baddest vampire who ever lived — finally over?

According to TV Line, English thesp Joseph Morgan is thisclose to signing onto The Vampire Diaries to play “oft-referred-to-but-never-seen” Klaus.

Joseph, who? Yeah. We wondered the same thing. He’s mostly been in a bunch of British movies and TV shows, but we’ve seen him in the states a few times, too — for example, in Oliver Stone’s Alexander and alongside Russell Crowe in Master and Commander.  

By the looks of his photo (with his piercing eyes!), the producers did a pretty good job snagging someone as attractive as Damon (we know, we know — we didn’t think it was possible, either!) But is he more bad ass than Damon, as was promised when the character was first introduced?

We don’t know, but we’re stoked to find out!

Source: Vampire Diaries Online