Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Elijah Greets Katherine in Season 2, Episode 19: "Klaus"

OMG is the term we’re still looking for after The Vampire Diaries Season 2, Episode 19, "Klaus," Let’s just say there were twists we couldn’t seen coming if we'd had a telescope. The entire episode was game changing, but one thing that remained the same was there was fang-tastic jams provided by TVD music producer Chris Mollere. Listen back to all the awesome tunes below.

Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter

1. Artist: Foster the People
Song: "Helena Beat”
Sometimes life, it takes you by the hand
It puts you down before you know it
It’s gone and you’re dead again
I’ve been in places and I won’t pretend
That I make it. I just follow my head
When it's strange to take a walk downstairs
Sweep you all up on a corner and pay for my bread
You know that I cannot believe my own truth
To show what a truth, it's got nothing to lose
Yeah, yeah and it’s okay
I tie my hands up to a chair so I don’t fall that way
Yeah, yeah, and I’m alright
I took a sip of something poison but I’ll hold on tight

2. Artist: Doves
Song: "Compulsion"
All the love you stole
All the love you saw
Exposing you, but I am torn
Dark spell, I crave you so
I wanna live but you just won't let me go
We laid up there in stars
Woke up in the storm
Am I yours? I'm unsure
And dark spell, you cast me so
I wanna live but you just won't leave me alone
And the wheel keeps turning
But I can't get enough
And the flame keeps burning
But I surrender love (Oh yeah)

3. Artist: Lykke Li
Song: "Get Some"
Go ahead, go way low, where I can do no harm
Go ahead, go way low in my honey lovin' arms
Go ahead, go way low, where I can do no wrong
Got you around my finger like a lonely lover's charm (like a lonely lover's charm)