Credit: Twitter Photo: Vampire Diaries Bloodlines Promo Photo

That Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is such a lurker. In a new Vampire Diaries promo, the hybrid is watching from the sidelines — next to what looks like the Salvatore family burial vault — watching the show’s main trio. Decked out in her finest graveyard attire, Elena (Nina Dobrev) takes her usual place between Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder).

The CW tweeted the gorgeous yet gloomy picture. The promo’s tagline, “Is this where the bloodline ends?” is extra ominous considering the Salvatores’ stone structure is dripping in blood. If Klaus is at the start of the bloodline that led to Damon and Stefan becoming vampires, then they can’t really kill him, can they? On the other hand, maybe the rules are different for hybrids…

Source: Twitter

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