Just in time for February Sweeps, The CW has released an eerie new Vampire Diaries poster featuring Elena, Jeremy, Bonnie, and Klaus.  
Klaus looks on as Jeremy prepares himself for a vamp-hunting spree, while the tagline reads “Prepare for houseguests.”

So, just who could these houseguests be? Could Elijah finally be returning from his mysterious absence? Or perhaps we’ll be introduced to a whole new vampire we have yet to meet?

Then again, that pose Elena’s striking seems mighty seductive, even with the new sultriness that’s come from her being turned.

Now that we think about it, maybe it’s not Elena at all. After Julie Plec teased a possible reappearance from Katherine, we’re starting to think that the original doppelganger might be back in Mystic Falls before we know it.


Source: The CW