Credit: Daniel King/Elle Magazine Photo: Nina Dobrev Is Sloppy Chic in Elle - February 2011

If we had to describe Nina Dobrev (Elena/Katherine) in a word, it’d be this: Perfectionist. Seriously, the girl is – and according to an interview with Teen Vogue, always has been — a working machine!

"I wanted to be the jock, and I wanted to be a dancer and actress," Nina says about her life as a student at a performing-arts high school in Toronto. "I was also a gymnast and very academically driven. I always had a lot on my plate and was really overwhelmed. Not much has changed — I'm constantly trying to one-up myself and raising the stakes." She laughs and adds, "Ha! No pun intended."

That ambition has obvi followed her into her adult life, too, as evidenced by her powerful roles as Elena and Katherine. But everybody’s got a breaking point, even bad ass vampire chicks. “While it's been cool, it's also exhausting because it's double the work,” Nina says. “You invest so much of your heart and soul and energy into making even one character. It's like doing two movies at once."

But her hard work has totally paid off — Nina and her cast of bloodsuckers are legit TV stars now... even if they don’t always want to admit it.  "I just feel like a normal girl, and the whole concept [of being famous] is very odd to me,” she says.

Whatever, Nina. You have to know you’re hot stuff. Speaking of, Nina couldn’t escape her TV interview without at least one question about the rumors that consistently pop up about her dating sexy co-star Ian Somerhalder (Damon). See what she had to say!

Source: Teen Vogue, CW