Hey, we all go a little crazy sometimes. Especially when we wake up, realize we’re undead and are ravenous for blood, right?

Elena (Nina Dobrev) certainly knows that feeling and, in a new interview with PopSugar Australia, she explores how those feelings are going to affect the newbie vamp this season.

“If you can imagine, she’s crazed and scared and her emotions are all over the place,” Nina explained. “As a vampire, everything is heightened. So, if somebody scares her, she freaks out, or if someone tells a joke, she starts hysterically laughing... It feels like a very character driven season and you really get to get in her head.”

We’ve seen that inner turmoil already in full force with the slaughter of Connor and her recent breakup with Stefan (Paul Wesley).

We just can’t help but wonder what other irrational decisions these heightened emotions might force Elena to make... ahem, Damon (Ian Somerhalder).


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