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Nina Dobrev (Elena Gilbert) loves her pets, but that doesn’t mean she can’t inflict a little torture on her cat every now and again. The Vampire Diaries star recently tweeted a photo of her orange kitty all suited up for Christmas. 

Really mom ? Do I have to wear this stupid outfit? I love you and all .. but come on,” she tweeted with the pic of the slightly miserable-looking feline.

I’m gonna say [I am a] ‘cat woman,’ because ‘cat lady’ makes me sound 500 years old... But I love my furry friends. I even made a calendar for 2012. It’s called My Pussies: A Hairy Love Story. [Cats] just migrate to me. I’m pretty sure I was a cat in a past life,” Nina told Nylon magazine last year.

Hm, we wonder her owners made her wear.

Source: Twitter, Nylon magazine

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