Credit: Pacific Coast News Photo: Nina Dobrev Practices on the Set of The Perks of Being a Wallflower on May 14, 2011

We all know Mystic Falls is a dangerous town, but we didn’t know that The Vampire Diaries’ set is just as treacherous.

Case-in-point: TVD’s Nina Dobrev (Elena) tweeted on Monday about a scary injury she got on set recently.

“Still feelin side effects from the Concussion I got on set... Ouchie. Good thing purple is a good color on me otherwise...” she wrote.

Uh oh! That sounds serious — and according to the Mayo Clinic, concussions are classified as traumatic brain injuries, though their effects are usually mild and temporary. But if she’s tweeting about it (and spelling things correctly) we hope that means she’s doing alright. How Nina got hurt remains a mystery, but we hope it means she’s back in Katherine mode and working on some wild vampire moves.

Feel better soon, Nina!

Source: Nina Dobrev’s Twitter