Credit: Ian Somerhalder's Twitter/Plixi Photo: Ian Somerhalder Visits the White House

Decked out in his black suit and sunglasses, Ian Somerhalder (Damon) had this pic snapped in front of the White House. As in, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Basically, Ian looks like some super-hot CIA agent about to embark upon a top-secret mission. In reality, the supernaturally hot do-gooder managed to get some face time with a few higher-ups in Washington. “Just left meeting at white house! Awesome awesome meeting with great potential.Good things to come,” was Ian’s accompanying tweet. Way to go, Mr. Somerhalder!

The Louisiana native has been taking meetings in our nation’s capitol for the past few days, but he’s also in town for the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Coincidentally, his costar Nina Dobrev (Elena) will be joining him there on Saturday, April 30, for the same event. Those two have been showing up in the same places a lot recently.