Credit: Mitchell McCormack/Da Man Magazine Photo: Paul Wesley Suits Up in a Man Magazine, April/May 2010

Looks like Paul Wesley won’t be leaving the South anytime soon. The Vampire Diaries star, who resides part-time in Atlanta to film the series, has signed on to film The Baytown Disco in Louisiana. According to a press release, the movie an action comedy about three hillbilly brothers (seriously? Is Paul Wesley going redneck?) who get into all sorts of trouble trying to save a woman’s son from his supposedly abusive dad. Hilarious? Maybe it’s kind of like a southern-fried Three Stooges.

The newly married Paul will be joining Eva Longoria (of Desperate Housewives and Over Her Dead Body fame) and Billy Bob Thorton (Sling Blade, Monster’s Ball) in the film. This isn’t Paul’s first movie role, though: The broody babe also appeared in Killer Movie and Beneath the Blue. Let’s hope this newest venture is more successful!

Source: Press Release