Credit: Jemal Countess/Getty Images Photo: Paul Wesley Poses at a Broadway Opening on March 6, 2011

Now that Charlie Sheen has hitched his wagon to the Twitterverse, there’s just one celeb missing from its ranks. Of course we mean Paul Wesley (Stefan), the reclusive Vampire Diaries star who only recently had his first late-night talk show appearance. Seriously. But all that might be about to change, and we heard it from Mystic Falls’ number once ace reporter, Andie Star. Okay, Andie’s portrayer, Dawn Olivieri, is actually responsible for the breaking news, tweeting, “Heard today at lunch your sweet vampire Paul Wesley mention his soon to come twitter launch;) that should be fun to watch!” Fun indeed!

So who do we have to thank for Paul’s change of heart on the Twitter front? Back in mid-February, Matt Davis (Alaric) claimed, “I'm pretty sure I may have convinced Paul to get on twitter today. #justsayin.” Okay, so maybe it took awhile for the idea to stick, but either way, we’re pretty excited. Do you think we’ll have a new most-followers world record on our hands?

Sources: Dawn Olivieri’s Twitter, Matt Davis’ Twitter