Credit: Dominic Chan/WENN Photo: Paul Wesley Attends Toronto Wizard World Comic-Con on April 14, 2012

Although Stefan is a pretty, well-dressed bloodsucker on The Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t mean Paul Wesley is fondest of suave vamps. In an interview with Mr
, Paul said he really likes Nosferatu ‘s Count Orlok “[b]ecause he was so mangled and warped.” Way to be old school, Paul.

Of course, many TVD viewers prefer their vampires a little less decrepit, so it’s no wonder they adore Stefan. Paul claims his siblings were surprised at how rabid his fans are, saying, “I brought my little sisters to a signing. They know me as idiot Paul, brother, moron.” He’s so modest.

If you were as relieved as we were that TVD was picked up for a Season 4, Paul warns fans not to get too comfortable. Although the actors have six-season contracts, the networks could still end the show before that. “I always thought The OC would be on for years and then it got cancelled after the fourth season,” says Paul.

Don’t even get us started, Wesley. We’re still mourning the loss of Captain Oats and Princess Sparkle.

Source: Mr Porter

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