Credit: Frank Ockenfels III/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Paul Wesley Smolders in the Library

If there’s anything hotter than nice-and-noble Stefan, it’s bad***-and-brutal Stefan. It’s true: Stefan was rather devilish back in the day, and although he’s come to control his bloodlust since then, Paul Wesley (Stefan) says “he has some darkness inside of him.” We get it: (Really) old habits die hard.

And Paul — a reformed bad boy himself — isn’t afraid to admit it feels good to be bad, sometimes. “I think it’s always more fun to play the bad boy,” he says. Lucky for him (and us), Paul teases we will “see more ‘bad Stefan’”and he thinks we’ll be “very happy with it.”

And we must say, that kind of confidence is sexy no matter if it’s good or bad. Bring on the evil!

Source: Ryan Seacrest

Credit: Ryan Seacrest Photo: Paul Wesley Talks to Ryan Seacrest About Stefan's Dark Side