A great episode asks more questions than it answers. So “Brave New World” must place high in the TVD ranks, because we’ve got queries galore.
Credit: The CW ©2010 The CW Network Photo: Damon's Out to Get Caroline in Episode 2.2, "Brave New World"


Caroline going vamp creates a tricky situation. Unlike Vicki, Blondie’s high profile. People will notice if she suddenly stops going to school or being seen in broad daylight. What’s more, if she lives, not only could other innocents die, she could also out the Salvatores as bloodsucking centurians. So do what do you think?


Everybody else knows the truth about Caroline. But her boyfriend’s still in the dark. It doesn’t seem fair. Plus, we’ve gotta admit, it’s going to be hard to hide the fact she’s persona non grata to sunshine. So what do you say?


Speaking of truths, Caroline has no idea why a woman — who looked exactly like Elena — gave her a message for the Salvatores, then suffocated her to death.