Paul Wesley (Stefan) recently teased us about Klaus, the big bad O.V. who’s about to turn Mystic Falls upside down, saying: “We don't know who's going to be playing Klaus, but that's going to be a huge thing. He's going to be the big, evil bad guy ,and we're all really, really interested to see who they're going to cast because we think it's going to be a pretty big deal.”

Well, the tension is mounting and we’re getting pretty anxious to find out who will make the character come to life (or un-life, as it were). According to the L.J. Smith book series, upon which TVD is based, Klaus is very Nordic in appearance, with electric blue eyes and short, close-cropped platinum blond hair. He’s described as being handsome despite the fact that his features are often contorted in madness. Another hot-sounding guy popping into our favorite vampy town? We like.

Initially, we were thinking perhaps Alexander Skaarsgard would be a great contender for the role, but then we were worried he’d be too closely associated with Eric on True Blood. Johnny Lee Miller is another sexy guy who’s really, really good at being bad — but he was just the villain on Dexter.

After careful consideration, we’ve come up with a few hotties we’d like to see and want to know if you agree! If you don’t see your dream-Klaus on the list — sound off in the comments below!