Warning! Possible Vampire Diaries spoiler below! (Or not, could be about a totally different show; who knows?)

If you’re pretty convinced that E! Online’s vague spoilers about a TV couple finally having sex are referencing Elena (Nina Dobrev) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder), raise your hand. Us too. It’s about to get steamy in the Salvatore mansion, but how long will the heat last?

Well, first, we have some tragedy to worry about. Then E! Online teases that while the sex is 100% real (no dream sequences or hallucinations here), the twist “has to do with motivations.”

Ai yai yai. We’ve already heard that Elena’s intentions might not be totally pure. Cue up that Backstreet Boys song, because if E is playing games with Damon’s heart, there might be riot amongst a certain faction of TVD fans.

Source: E! Online

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