Credit: The CW Photo: The Salvatore Brothers Through the Ages

Lucky for the ladies of Mystic Falls (and fans of The Vampire Diaries) Damon and Stefan Salvatore got turned into vampires at the peak of their hotness, so they are forever young and forever smokin’. Through the magic of flashbacks, we’ve seen these undead brothers in many an historical era. Let’s be honest, they always look good. But when were they hottest?


Damon and Stefan had that whole “charming country boys” thing going for them when Katherine Pierce turned them into vampires during the Civil War. The hair was floppy, the suspenders were functional, and the blousy shirts were unbuttoned pleasantly low. Sure, Damon’s Confederate greys were a little on the big side, but who doesn’t love a man in uniform?


The brothers were respectably buttoned up in these days, from the bottom of their subdued dark suits to the top of their bowler hats. Not their flashiest look, sure, but definitely a classic. 


Credit: The CW

Ah, the roaring ‘20s, when the well-dressed man never left home without a bowtie and a little something special in his lapel. It helps that we saw Stefan living the high (albeit super murder-y) life in prohibition-era Chicago, and that man can wear a tuxedo like nobody’s business.


The brothers were rocking a military look again in the 1940s, as Stefan shipped off to World War II in his army greens and convinced Damon to swap his pinstripe suit and fedora for the same. Remember what we said about these men in uniforms? Yep, still true. 


Credit: The CW

The ever-fashionable Salvatores are keeping their look low profile in modern day Mystic Falls, favoring tight t-shirts, leather jackets, button-ups left oh-so-casually unbuttoned, and lots and lots of black. No complaints here. 

Rumor has it we may soon get a look at the Salvatores in the ‘70s, but we’ll just have to wait and see (though really, almost no one looked their best in the ‘70s). 

Now, we know it’s a really hard decision, but what do you think? When did Stefan and Damon look their best?