Credit: The Digital Photo Booth Photo: Nina Dobrev and Sara Canning in the Young Hollywood Photo Booth recently conducted a cleverly-named “twitterview” with The Vampire Diaries’ Sara Canning on Twitter.

Although Sara’s answers were forcibly short and sweet (140 characters or less, to be exact), we still enjoyed learning a little more about the woman behind the character. Here are three fun tidbits we picked up:

Sara spent V-Day with someone special: "went for a sunny bike ride! And baked a coffee cake for someone...". ...Wonder who that could be? Name, please!

Sara spends her free time kind of like the rest of us: "writing, painting, reading, yoga, theater, and commandeering adventure." Hey, celebs really are just like us!

And, last but not least, she used to room with another TVD cast member: "Living with Nina was awesome — she'd make me delicious coffee concoctions, and I'd bake cupcakes for her."