Credit: Annette Brown/The CW © 2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Alaric Chaperones in Season 2, Episode 18: "The Last Dance"

We learned earlier this week that Heroes star Jack Coleman is coming to Mystic Falls with an anti-vampire agenda, but according to TVLine, he isn’t the only vampire villain en route to Virginia.

Another new character, Eric, or “Indiana Jones with a stake instead of a whip,” as TVLine’s Michael Ausiello describes him, is slated to make his debut in the fall. That sounds fun and all (did we mention Ausiello also called him a “hottie”?), but Eric and Bill? Really? Is it just us, or is The Vampire Diaries is starting to sound a lot like that other vampire show...

But how evil will these new mischief makers really be? After all, we’ve got Klaus on our hands now, and word on the street is he’s basically the baddest of the bad. But get this: Executive producer Julie Plec says Klaus “isn’t the worst baddie that we’ve seen so far and it will be fun to see who’s going to steal his thunder” in Season 3.

Could that somebody be stake-carrying, vampire-hating Eric?

Source: TVLine