Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW ©2011 The CW Network, LLC Photo: Katherine and Klaus Exchange a Look in Season 2, Episode 19: "Klaus"

Everybody’s talkin’ Klaus this and Klaus that. But so far, all we know about the big ‘n’ bad guy is that A. he’s old, B. he’s powerful, and C. he’s wormed (er, compelled) his way into Alaric. Not much to go on, right?

With a little research, we were able to find out a bit more about the beastly bloodsucker. TVLine spoils that this week Klaus (via Alaric) will torture both Elena and Katherine  but in “very different ways.” TV Guide also reports that during this week’s episode, Klaric will “infiltrate the group” and discover something Katherine couldn’t tell him “no matter how much he tortured her.” (Maybe because she actually doesn’t know the thing he wants to hear?) Other spoilery stuff? We’ll also see another shocking death (at whose hands we don’t know for sure, but we have a good guess!) and “a triple cross” to take down the Original Vampire. Juicy!

Source: TVLine, TV Guide