Credit: Bob Mahoney/The CW Photo: Katherine Is Miffed in Season 1, Episode 22: "Founder's Day"

When Vampire Diaries’ executive producer Kevin Williamson spoke with The Insider recently, he gushed tons of juicy spoilers about Stefan’s (Paul Wesley) Ripper road trip with Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and which of the Originals we can expect to see in Season 3.

But sadly, Williamson wouldn’t say whether or not Her Sassiness Katherine (Nina Dobrev) will play a role in Season 3. "If Katherine appears, and how she appears, remains to be seen,” he says. If you recall, the vampy villain made a snide comment to Elena about loving both the Brothers Salvatore before she vamoosed it out of Mystic Falls.

Not that we blame Kat. She’s a high priority on Klaus’ “To Kill” list. And Nina Dobrev is probably happy to get a little break from the double duty acting gig she juggled all of Season 2. Of course, there are always flashbacks…

Source: The Insider

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