Credit: Richie Buxo/Splash News Photo: Steven R. McQueen Outside the After-Party For the 2012 CW Upfronts

Little bros. Can’t they do anything right? The Vampire Diaries Jeremy (Steven R. McQueen) actually has an excellent track record of getting girlfriends, losing them to death, and sketching out his feelings in drawing diary. But give him a hybrid and a cleaver, and little Gilbert can hold his own. The boy has some issue with the supernatural element in his town, and he hasn’t been thrilled with the way they’ve invaded his life. (Do we have a future Council member on our hands?) When Steven R. McQueen spoke to Hollywood Life at The CW Upfront, he said he doesn’t think Elena (Nina Dobrev) becoming a vampire will do much to improve his character’s mood.

“Jeremy’s main objective has been to keep the people he loves safe, and he’s failed at doing that multiple times. So I think at this point, he’s just gonna callous even more. You know, he’s been through the ringer,” Steven says.
Sigh, it sounds like JerBer might return to his pot-smoking ways. Perhaps a little Bonnie (Kat Graham) lovin’ will cure what ails him. As McQueen points out, those two have some “unresolved issues.”
Maybe it’s time they had that awkward “Sorry I ghost-kissed my ex” conversation?

Source: Hollywood Life  

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