There was an entire sequence in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 11, “Battlefield” where we feared Allison (Crystal Reed) was going to fill Boyd (Sinqua Walls) with arrows until the werewolf had more holes than one of Michael Bay’s plots. Luckily, Chris (JR Bourne) intervened, or Allison could’ve gone from hunter to murderer.

In the Season 2 finale, it seems like Allison still has her instincts set to kill. Spiraling into grief following the death of her mother (Eaddy Mays), Allison is willing to take out Derek (Tyler Hoechlin) and his pack, but she doesn’t have the facts. Derek was saving Scott (Tyler Posey) when he bit Victoria. Whether Allison will find out about this before she takes out a werewolf is one of the biggest questions we have about the episode. Gerard (Michael Hogan) has been keeping a pretty tight reign on his granddaughter, and he obviously doesn’t want her clued in on Derek’s motives. 

If Allison does kill one of the wolves, it will have dark implications for Season 3. We know there’s a big death in the finale — but will it be at Allison’s hands?