Since we can’t wait to find out which of the main characters will die on Monday’s Season 2 finale of Teen Wolf, we scoured the promo video for hints. Conclusion? Let’s just say we’re concerned about Derek…

0:01 Scott hangs out in werewolf face.
Now that his mom knows, Scott is letting his freak flag fly.

0:05 Boyd and Erica hang from the ceilings.
Grandpa Gerard is into some freaky stuff.

0:06 Stiles!
Praise the heavens, Stiles is alive!

0:08 Jackson is shirtless, possibly dead.
Stone cold stud.

0:09 Stiles and Scott check Jackson out.
It is an arresting sight.

0:13 Lydia’s in tears.
And yet, her mascara does not run. Impressive.

0:14 Another kanima moment
Looks like digging your own lizard claws into your chest isn’t fatal after all.

0:15 Allison stabs someone.
Whoa, did she just use deadly force?

0:17 Another knife
Beacon Hills has more cutlery than Top Chef.

0:18 Jackson flashes his not-so-pearly whites.
Dude, don’t you know how important dental hygiene is?

0:19 Chris is packing heat.
Will you be shooting more weapons out of your daughter’s hands, Mr. Argent?

0:19 Someone punches Stiles.
Well, that was just uncalled for!

0:20 The kanima and Allison come face to face.
He promptly tries to make out with her.

0:21 Derek looks alarmed.
Um, to be clear: Sticking your lizard claws into someone else’s chest might be fatal.

0:22 Gerard growls, “Anything that dangerous is better off dead.”
That’s no way to talk about your granddaughter.

0:23 Lydia gasps in horror.
She probably just heard about R.Patz and K.Stew.

0:24 Scott says, “Holy shh…”
Ditto for the werewolf. Beacon Hills is behind the times!

Credit: MTV Photo: Teen Wolf Season 2 Finale Promo Video: Who Will Survive? (VIDEO)

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