Credit: 2012 MTV © and TM MTV Networks Photo: Allison and Her Dad in Teen Wolf Season 2, Episode 3: “Ice Pick”

The more we hear about the Teen Wolf Season 2 finale, the more worried we become. Everyone’s in danger, girl! Executive producer Jeff Davis previewed the gory Season 2 for E! Online, and what he had to say has us sweating silver bullets.

"Without giving anything away, Episode 12 is titled ‘Master Plan,' so that should give fans a hint that all of the characters and their stories are definitely going to come crashing into each other,” Jeff tells E! Online. Argent family/werewolf showdown, perhaps? To paraphrase Chekhov, you can’t spend a season building up two armies without having them meet on the battlefield in the finale.  

War, what is it good for? Killing off characters. And that’s just what Jeff is planning on doing. "Not everyone survives this season, that much I can say. Whether it's one of our young six series regulars will have to remain a mystery. What I can say is that just as we started the season off bloody, we end it bloody. Very bloody,” he says.

Consider us nervous.

Source: E! Online

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