What’s a finale without a good cliffhanger? Teen Wolf’s first season served up a few whoppers in the form of Jackson’s (Colton Haynes) werewolf bite and the potential danger for Scott (Tyler Posey) and Allison (Crystal Reed) now that her family sees him as an enemy (and not just the “You’re dating my teenage daughter” kind). Wetpaint Entertainment spoke with Colton Haynes, Tyler Posey, and Holland Roden about the madness in the Season 2 premiere and the cast was so excited for fans to know what’s coming up, they couldn’t help but drop a few spoilers.

First thing’s first, what’s going on with Jackson? “Obviously, Jackson got the bite,” Colton confirms, but that’s just the beginning. Viewers will see “the struggles that come with that. It’s not that this perfect thing that Jackson thought it was.” For one thing, Jackson won’t be taking the same path Scott did. Instead of seeking Derek’s (Tyler Hoechlin) help, “He has his own agenda,” says Colton. But going it alone isn’t easy. “The struggles that he’s about to endure are going to leave people feeling sorry for him.“

Now that Derek’s the alpha, Scott will also chafe under his former mentor, and their relationship will undergo a shift. “It’s very different,” Tyler Posey says. In Season 1, “Derek was the only person that could kind of shed some light” on everything Scott was going through, but in Season 2, “He doesn’t want anything to do with Derek anymore.”

The apprenticeship isn’t the only thing going wrong in the young werewolf’s life. Unfortunately for fans of the Scott-and-Allison pairing, her family’s werewolf-hunting history will make things difficult. “They want to tear Alison and Scott completely apart,” says Tyler. “And the first season, they had this kind of Romeo and Juliet kind of relationship, and now it’s even more so because they’re literally forbidden from seeing each other. So now they have to sneak around and be hidden because Scott could be killed by Alison’s father.” Don’t worry — the couple still manages to get some steamy, shirtless scenes.

It’s more than the Argent family who wants to break up Scott and Allison, though. Colton admits Jackson might become the third point in a love triangle. “[Jackson] and Lydia were on the rocks, but Jackson wants the best and wants to be the best at everything,” says Colton. That means Allison. “He’s going to take advantage of the struggles that Scott and Alison are having… and see what he can get out of it,” he teases.

So where does that leave Lydia? Well, she has some of her own issues to deal with. Though she too had a run-in with a werewolf, she’s not quite healing the way a new supernatural being would. The 10-minute sneak peek for the Season 2 premiere shows her disappearing from the hospital after having some disturbing hallucinations. “Was she voluntarily taken from the hospital, was it involuntarily? Did she walk out on her own two feet and a candy bar on the way out — well, she couldn’t have eaten a candy, because the vending machine was broken,” jokes Holland. Even more intriguing is the teaser the actress offered when she said the real question viewers should ask is not only why is Lydia in the woods but what is she in the woods.

There’s a possibility Lydia was already some sort of supernatural, and Holland says, “as Season 2 progresses, you get to know Lydia in a more vulnerable, raw kind of way… No pun intended, in almost a humanized kind of way.”

Very mysterious! Tune into the Season 2 premiere of Teen Wolf after the MTV Movie Awards on June 3.