Credit: Kris Connor/Getty Images Photo: Emily VanCamp and Joseph Morgan Pose at the Planned Parenthood Federation Of America 2010 Annual Awards Gala

The Mystic Falls crew may be totally stumped for info on the baddest vampire in all the world, but while they’re pouring over dusty tomes of forgotten lore, we’re doing our research courtesy of the 21st century. Thank you, Twitter! Here’s what we can look forward to when we get our first glimpse of Klaus, according to Joseph Morgan, who plays the baddie:

_josephmorgan Some answers: The show returns in the US on the 7th of April and my first episode airs on the 21st of April  Looks like Stefan, Elena, Damon, and the rest will have a little time to sharpen some stakes and gather some white ash wood before Klaus’ arrival.

_josephmorgan Yes I use my own accent... Cannot wait to find out how a British dude became the very first vamp.

_josephmorgan Tonight on a misty evening in Mystic Falls Klaus met Stefan Salvatore. 'I trust I need no introduction.' Maybe just a “Hello, my name is...” sticker.