Credit: Instagram Photo: Phoebe Tonkin Without Makeup

There must be something to Phoebe Tonkin’s (Hayley) ultra-healthy lifestyle, because first thing in the morning, post-shower, no makeup, she looks flawless.

The Originals star tweeted a picture of herself sans cosmetics this morning after receiving flowers from Vogue Australia. “Thank you @vogueoz  for my beautiful  flowers what a way to wake up this morning! xx,” she wrote along with her fresh-faced picture. Phoebe was also sporting her glasses, which made her look extra adorable!

The gorgeous Aussie recently guest blogged for the magazine during Australia’s Fashion Week. You can check out some of her to-die-for looks right here. No wonder Vogue wanted the actress to represent them!

As for us — we definitely don’t look like that first thing in the morning. Hey, Phoebs. Mind sharing some of your green smoothie recipes with us?

Source: Instagram