A cure for vampirism on a show where over the half the main characters are bloodsuckers? That’s going to take some explaining. Now that The Vampire Diaries has teased a solution to what not everyone thinks is a problem, we have tons of questions. 

Is it real?
Seriously. Maybe we’re just scarred by the sun and moon curse, but this ancient rumor about a cure could all be hooey.

Is it permanent?
Could Elena (Nina Dobrev) take the cure, become human, decide she preferred sucking down blood bags and change back or is this a no takesies backsies type of situation?

Will an Original’s whole bloodline change?
We have a whole speculation about this, but if Rebekah (Claire Holt) feeds Klaus (Joseph Morgan) the cure, will Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Stefan (Paul Wesley), and the rest also turn human?

Who wants to take it?
What would Stefan do? Is Caroline (Candice Accola) interested? The only vamp we know who 100% wants to be free of their immortality is Rebekah. We’re dying to know who else is looking forward to an early grave.

How does the Originals spin-off factor in?
Klaus becoming just a werewolf might be a perfect solution to the unkillable Original problem — if he wasn’t headed for his own spin-off. On the other hand, it’s not yet clear if Bex is joining her brother in New Orleans... Maybe she’ll get her wish?

Does it come at a price?
Nothing is ever easy in Mystic Falls, so the cure is likely to come with a hefty price tag. Maybe Bonnie (Kat Graham) has to tap into something dark to perform it — or perhaps someone has to give his life?

Is there a limited supply?
Can everyone participate, or is the spell that turns a vampire to a human so taxing that only one bloodsucker gets it?

Is it lethal?
Caroline and Elena have only been undead a short time, but Damon, Stefan, Bex, and Klaus are pretty ancient. If their bodies become human, will they just turn to dust?

Credit: YouTube Photo: Vampire Diaries Sneak Peek Video For Season 4, Episode 13: "Into the Wild" — Elena Asks Damon If He'll Take the Cure