Enigmatic original vampire Kol remains something of a mystery on The Vampire Diaries, but actor Nathaniel Buzolic is anything but. The charming Australian, who we’re stoked to see back in Mystic Falls, was candid in an interview with Honest Reviews Corner, talking about everything from his TVD prep to his love for pirates. Yes, really.

So, how exactly does one prepare to play a thousand-year-old vampire with an attitude problem (besides mastering his English accent, of course)?  “Essentially, I had to discover my naughty side,” Nathaniel said with a laugh. “Kol does not worry about accountability for his actions.”

And those actions are pretty heinous. Kol may love human batting practice, indiscriminate bloodsucking, and boozing with Klaus (Joseph Morgan), but Nathaniel’s real interests are slightly safer, and definitely less murder-y. Chief among them, it seems, are snowboarding, photography, and pirates.

On snowboarding: “When I’m heading down a mountain, I can forget about the world for a short while. “

On photography: “I do love to capture beauty in this world. And photos can last the test of time.”

On pirates, and if he ever had a pirate-themed birthday party: “I think my fascination came much later in life with pirates. I’d have a themed party this year if I could… PIRATES IT IS!”

Soooo…our invitation is in the mail, right Nathaniel?

Source: Honest Reviews Corner