‘Tis the season for snow sports, which is just fine with The Vampire DiariesPaul Wesley (Stefan Salvatore). The New Jersey actor grew up skiing and snowboarding, and he recently told Men’s Fitness about an unfortunate run in with the ski police. 

The last time we went, the ski police — who actually do exist — gave me a ticket for speeding,” Paul says. “I can’t imagine they had radar, but I guess I was going too fast and endangering other skiers. So I was literally written a ticket. It was kind of hilarious. I didn’t even know there were ski police.”

The daredevil says he’s been skiing since childhood — he was on a team at seven years old! — and started boarding at 13. Of course, it’s been difficult to pursue these sports in Atlanta, not to mention with Paul’s... chicken legs?

I have chicken legs,” says Paul. “I hate to admit it, and it’s pathetic. And I know that when I get onto my board, I won’t be able to walk after that first day because I haven’t been using my legs at all. I’ll go to the gym and lift some weights — maybe once in a while I’ll run. If I were wise I’d do more leg workouts, because when I get out there, it’s really hard.”

Now we know the real reason we never see Stefan in shorts.

Source: Men’s Fitness