Halt! Do not read if you haven’t seen The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 16, “Bring It On.” 

Holy stromboli! Elena (Nina Dobrev) is kinda a badass betch. She started out simply feeding upon randoms, an out-of-towner here, a cheerleader there, then things got out of hand.

While her bestie Caroline (Candice Accola) looked on in dismay, Elena flaunted her lack of emotions, sipping on a rival cheerleader before their squad took the floor to compete. Then during the routine, Elena let Caroline fall hard on the ground. Let’s just say if Car weren’t a vampire, she might not be alive — or undead — right now.

Without her emotions, Elena doesn’t care who sees her fangs and barely managed to resist killing a motorist. If Damon (Ian Somerhalder) hadn’t stopped her, the baby vamp may have drunk until there was nothing left.

But it wasn’t just physical damage Elena was inflicting. She told Stefan (Paul Wesley) that while she remembered their sex and it was good, she didn’t feel anything about it anymore. Then she nearly seriously injured Caroline’s mother when the sheriff tried to shut down the underaged drinking party Elena threw at the Salvatore mansion.

This is certainly a very different Elena. She’s sassy and says whatever’s on her mind. But she’s also freer and actually enjoying herself.

Do you like Elena without her emotions or do you hope she turns them back on quickly?