Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Photo: Sebastian Roche at the National Kidney Foundation's 'KEEP it Hollywood' event on March 13, 2008

We must confess: We thought Mikael (Sebastian Roché) was going to be the big bad of The Vampire Diaries Season 3. There was much hype around Papa Original — even Nina
(Elena Gilbert) promised he’d be bigger and badder than Klaus (Joseph Morgan). And he was. He called Klaus “boy” and made him cry for hybrid’s sake. But three episodes into his run, bam! He got staked.

It was pretty shocking that Mikael’s all-powerful stake got reduced to ash and Klaus remains un-killable. In fact, we thought there’d be more of a chase between Mikael and his offspring. After all, he’s been hunting them for a millennium, right? And he terrified them. Considering he’s the father of all vampires, he went down pretty quickly and without much of a fight. Are we way off base or did you expect more of Papa Original?