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If there’s one member of The Vampire Diaries cast who knows how to keep her lips zipped about spoilers, it’s Kat Graham (Bonnie Bennett). Someone must have given her a witchy migraine because she spilled some interesting hints about the Season 3 finale to the Associated Press in a recent interview.

“There is a death, a big death that I don’t think anyone’s expecting,” said Kat. “There’s lots of blood and love in it too… surprising turns that I didn’t see coming.”

Okay, we’d heard that the episode is tragic and sad and will make us cry, but we hadn’t heard it confirmed that someone is definitely going to die! This is Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning) all over again!

We’ve been worried about Alaric (Matt Davisfor weeks — does the fact that Kat said the death is unexpected mean we can stop… and start getting concerned about, oh, we don’t know, Katherine (Nina Dobrev)?

Source: Associated Press

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Credit: Associated Press Photo: Vampire Diaries Spoilers! Kat Graham Says There Will Be Death on the Season 3 Finale (VIDEO)