Any Vampire Diaries episode with a Ramones song is OK with us! There was also a stellar performance by Dead Sara, who contributed an exclusive cover of a Patti Smith song, “As the Angels.” The show flashed back to the 1970s, when Damon (Ian Somerhalder) had no emotions and was “borderline evil,” according to Elena (Nina Dobrev). But while the elder Salvatore was cold as ice, the music was hot. Props as always to TVD’s song selector, Chris Mollere.


Source: Chris Mollere’s Twitter 


Song: “Psycho Killer”

Artist: Talking Heads

Music moment: Damon tells the guy he’s about to feed on that he’s the “Son of Giuseppe.”

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Song: Ask the Angels” 

Artist: Dead Sara

Music moment: Damon remembers feeding on a girl with Lexi.


Song: Loudmouth”

Artist: Cary Brothers

Music moment: Damon flashes back.


Song: Lemon Scent” 

Artist: Dead Sara

Music moment: Rebekah tells Elena they should team up.

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Song: “Let's Dance

Artist: Ramones

Music moment: Damon recalls making out — and more — with Lexi.

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Artist: Kopecky Family Band

Music moment: Rebekah and Elena steal Damon’s car.

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Song: “Arms and Enemies”

Artist: The Quiet Kind

Music moment: Caroline and Klaus bury the witches.


Song: "Psycho Killer” 

Artist: Harper Blynn  


Song: "Bite Your Lip"

Artist: New Cassettes


Song: "Loudmouth",

Artist: The Handys


Song: "Shut Up and Dance"

Artist: Rookie

Song: "Evil Soul"

Artist: The Young Werewolves

Song: "In Search of an Audience"

Artist: The Godz



Credit: Fuse Photo: Dead Sara Plays in The Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 17