There was much joy in Delena-ville last night when Elena (Nina Dobrev) called Damon (Ian Somerhalder) to say, “I love you” in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10, “After School Special.” 

If you have any kind of affection for Damon at all, it was just nice to see the guy so happy. He’d fought Elena so hard on whether or not her feelings for him were real, it was surprising to see how he responded to her three little words. Entertainment Weekly asked executive producer Julie Plec where D’s head is at. “I think the takeaway, ultimately, is that Elena believes it so fundamentally that in that moment, it’s enough for Damon to let himself believe too,” she said.

Even though Elena is sure in her heart of hearts that she loves Damon, it won’t be enough to make him forget the sire bond. Julie says, “Yes, of course, the question is still gonna exist and always gonna exist. This isn’t necessarily the end-all, be-all now that that word ["love"] has been spoken. The doubt is still gonna be there. And it’s gonna continue to eat at Damon for the next few episodes. Elena’s gonna continue to have to fight for it in how much she believes it.”

Well now they really have to find that cure, don’t they?

Source: Entertainment Weekly

Credit: YouTube Photo: Elena Tells Damon She Loves Him in Vampire Diaries Season 4, Episode 10: "After School Special"