We absolutely love it whenever we get to see The Vampire Diaries cast talking about their characters, which is why we were excited to see Candice Accola (Caroline Forbes) on KTLA this morning. 

In preparation for tomorrow night’s return with Season 4, Episode 16, “Bring It On,” Candice discussed the blond vamp’s transformation over the years. “Vampirism was her version of emotional puberty,” explains Candice of Caroline’s relatively smooth transition. To paraphrase Troy McClure, she has fangs where there were no fangs before.

But as viewers have noticed, things aren’t going as well for Elena (Nina Dobrev). Candice points out, “She’s got a lot more to grieve, and Caroline was more just grieving wanting to have a boyfriend. So, it was a very different transition.”

In fact, that dichotomy has led to some tensions between the two friends. Some of that will play out in tomorrow’s episode. “We’re gonna have a lot of Caroline and Elena interacting,” teases Candice. “They are going to bring it on. Pun intended.”

Candice also discussed meeting a very special fan: American Idol’s Kelly Clarkson. In fact, Kelly loves TVD as much as Candice loves the AI winner’s music. “We had a — very awkward for everyone else but very comfortable for ourselves — fan girl moment,” says Candice. Afterwards, Kelly visited the set of The Vampire Diaries. (Check out a photo of her and Claire Holt here.)

Kelly Clarkson is a TVD fan? We’re in good company, y’all!

Source: KTLA

Credit: YouTube Photo: Candice Accola Talks About The Vampire Diaries Fan Kelly Clarkson