What’s this we spy? A more humane Elena (Nina Dobrev)? In a new Vampire Diaries spoiler photo at TV Guide, the baby vamp is pictured with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) — and she’s not biting him or anything!

Evidently Damon has some sort of wound. That’s not normally cause for concern — he’s a self-healing vampire, after all. Yet Elena is looking worried. That’s an emotion, right? The expression on her face has some fans wondering if Miss Gilbert has flipped her humanity switch back to the “on” position.

That begs the question: Did turning off her emotions — and her sire bond — permanently reset Elena’s feelings for Damon? Was it enough to destroy the bond? And what does that mean for Stefan (Paul Wesley) and the triangle in general?

Julie Plec teases to TV Guide, “If it's gone, what are her feelings for Damon vs. her feelings for Stefan? The whole season has been trying to get Elena back to who she was, so everything will be answered in the finale.”

Whatever she feels for Damon, we’re sure both Delena and Stelena fans would breathe a sigh of relief if the sire bond is broken.

The question remains, though: If Elena has her emotions back, how did her humanity switch get flipped?

Source: TV Guide